Dr. Satoru Yamane, Doctor of Chiropractic

 Firstly, I would like to say that I am writing this excerpt as gratitude for the hospitality shown by Dr. Yamane. I am a graduate from the University of Illinois Chicago and a Ph.D. candidate in Sociology for the University of Pittsburgh. My family has been friends with Mr. Yamane for over 25 years.
 Dr. Yamane is one of the best chiropractors in Japan and the field in general. Work is the driving force in his life. He left Japan to pursue a prestigious chiropractic degree in the United States without knowing any English and supporting himself by working at a Japanese restaurant. He learned to speak English and achieved his degree. His passion and intensity to thrive to be the best have paid major dividends. Upon returning to Japan he opened his first clinic. The first-rate services offered by Dr. Yamane and his staff allowed his business to grow. Throughout his prosperous career he has opened additional clinics and developed a wide range of clientele. He has provided his services for the likes of world famous musicians and celebrities, appearances on television programs, and articles for magazines. Despite his illustrious credentials, Dr. Yamane is a simple man with simple tastes. At our last dinner in Tokyo I asked him the age-old question of what would you eat for your last meal? and he answered that it wouldn’t matter as long as he was surrounded by his family and friends. Mr. Yamane has a big heart and knows how to take care of people. The treatment and care provided by Dr. Yamane and his staff are the utmost importance, even if you happen to be a celebrity or lay person.
 Dr. Yamane’s generosity and loyalty has shown through his entire business. During my stay in Tokyo I was treated to a preliminary checkup by chiropractors trained by Dr. Yamane. In the midst of my checkup the chiropractor started discussing the admiration he had for Mr. Yamane. He went into detail about how Dr. Yamane was helping him with his career and becoming a better person. During this conversation all of the other chiropractors chimed in with their own laudatory praises for how Dr. Yamane has helped improve their lives. The mutual respect shown by him and his colleagues was more than just work related. Mr. Yamane frequently mentors his employees outside of the workplace by taking them out to meals and guides them with advice to help with their life problems. The gratitude is evidently shown by the pride they take in their work and sincerity for their job position, whether it is a receptionist or high ranking chiropractor. I am not related to Mr. Yamane but he treated me like family during my stay in Tokyo. He arranged for us to eat out at his favorite restaurants and looked after our family at his expense. In my experience I have not seen such philanthropy towards one another outside family ties. In summation, Mr. Yamane is a hardworking, easy-going person that lives life to the fullest and if you ever need expert chiropractic work he is the one to call.
 ”Specializing in chiropractic treatment as well as acupuncture and massage”
 Dr. Yamane graduated from National College of Chiropractic in 1986 with the degree of Doctor of Chiropractic in the U.S. He then recieved his National Board certification. After returning to Japan, he recieved his acupuncture and massage license from the Hanada Gakuen in Tokyo. He then opened the Yamane Chiropractic Center in 1989 where treatment includes oriental medicine (acupuncture and massage treatments).
 Dr. Yamane has written more than 20 books on the subject of healthcare and has also produced numerous videos. He is also a member of the Women`s Japanese Professional Golf Association`s Medical Committee.
 Dr. Yamane has had excellent results with acute low back pain, disc herniationas, Sciatica, knee pain, neck conditions, headaches, TMJ (jaw) problems, and arm pain. He emphasizes preventive care to maximize your health. He can also try to diagnose your psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety to assist you in relieving your stress-related tensions.

What is Chiropractic?

*noninvasive, emphasizes patient’s inherent recuperative abilities
*recognizes dynamics between lifestyle, environment, and health
*emphasizes understanding the cause of illness in an effort to eradicate, rather than palliate, associated symptoms
*balances the benefits against the risks of clinical interventions
*recognizes as imperative the need to monitor progress and effectiveness through appropriate diagnostic procedures
*emphasizes a patient-centered, hands-on approach intent on influencing function through structure
*strives toward early intervention, emphasizing timely diagnosis and treatment of functional, reversible conditions

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture treats the human body as a whole that involves several “systems of function” that are in some cases loosely associated with physical organs. Disease is understood as a loss of balance between the yin and yang energies, which bears some resemblance to homeostatis among the several systems of function, and treatment of disease is attempted by modifying the activity of one or more systems of function through the activity of needles, pressure, heat, etc. on “acupuncture points.”
Acupuncture has been effectively used for the treatment of back pain, headache, migraine, and sports injuries. However, acupuncture provides more than pain relief. It is helpful in treating anxiety, insomnia, digestive problems, abdominal, menstrual cramps, weight control, infertility and much more.

The theory behind Dr.Yamane’s treatments.

Dr. Yamane`s treatments are based on the theories of Wolff`s Law. Wolff`s Law was developed by the German Anatomist/Surgeon Julius Wolff in 1892. Wolff`s Law states that mechanical stress is responsible for determining the architecture of bone. Remodeling of bone occurs in response to physical stresses—or the lack of them—in that bone is deposited in sites subjected to stress and is reabsorbed from sites where there is little stress. Dr. Yamane combines Wolff`s Law with Fukada and Yasuda`s discovery in 1957 that bone has a piezoelectric property. Piezoelectricity is the ability of some materials to generate an electric potential in response to applied mechanical stress. Because bone has a piezoelectric property, applied pressure to the bone will cause an electric potential between the compressed and the stretched side of the bone. This causes the bone to become deformed and thus the need for chiropractic treatments. Dr. Yamane has used the knowledge of these two findings to create a treatment process that emphasizes exercise of the affected areas instead of the typically recommended rest. By exercising and exerting pressure on these areas, the bone can be remodeled and straightened out.

Your typical appointment includes:

*A preliminary assessment for diagnosis.
*A massage to relax and search for any further problems.
*Checking your body`s tension.
*A pelvic adjustment.
*A neck adjustment

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